One way or another we are all force fed popular culture. It can originate from the beliefs we have to the possessions we lust over. This leaves most in a pacified state where what we really need becomes less and less important.


For the characters in my paintings and drawings all of these things have been nullified. Dwelling in environments created by their imaginations, they are left to their own devices. They venture into the places where the mind wanders when the television is off, the cell phone isn’t ringing and the outside world has become quiet.


As a child we all had the ability to create our own world—it was our safety blanket. As we get older our sense of wonderment gets squashed and we no longer create the mystical creatures that dwell in the depths of the forests, or strategize on the best plan to evade the monster lurking under our bed. All these things we once cherished, that once evoked our spirit, they quietly and systematically get replaced by the noise and distractions of society and are forgotten forever.


From the surreal landscapes to the warped figures, my work is meant to capture the intricacies of the uninterrupted imagination. Like the characters portrayed in my paintings and drawings, I believe we still have the ability to create our own environments—if we so choose.